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George Amick

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George Amick

“Little George”

Oct. 24, 1924 – April 4, 1959

16 USAC National Midget Feature Wins

1957 Turkey Night Grand Prix Champion

Runner-Up in 1958 Indianapolis 500

3 USAC Championship Car Wins

 Born in Vernonia, Oregon, and known to those as “Little George”, he was an all around American. Proud to serve and returning from WWII, George Amick made a name for himself as a race car driver. Known as a force to be reckoned with in the USAC National Midget ranks, he finished among the top ten in the points championship all three seasons he competed in the Midget class. Amick then moved from that class to what is now known as IndyCar (then known as USAC Championship Car) with 38 wins under his belt, including a prestigious win in the 1957 Turkey Night Grand Prix.

 One thinks of his awareness for others when, in his rookie year at the Indianapolis 500, he eased the pressure off his team-mate Jimmy Brian. That 1958 Indianapolis 500 was the debut of another rookie who would become an eventual racing legend, A.J. Foyt, it was also the unfortunate and somber death of another, Pat O’ Conner. Many thought Amick could have overtaken Brian in the last twenty laps for first place. “Little George”, was worried he might push his team-mate into a fatal mistake, so he came in with an easy 2nd and Jimmy took 1st at the Indianapolis 500. Anyone can go online and get this info about George “Little George” Amick, but what one may not get is how much talent, promise, and record setting potential George Amick had. On the last lap, at the only USAC Championship Car race ever held at Daytona, one cannot help but wonder, was it out of honor that it was the last hosting of the Indy at Daytona? Was it blown equipment, driver error, or just the adrenaline of it being the last lap that caused his fatal accident? We may never know the cause, but he is a treasure to world of motorsports.

 Any and all memories, photos, and comments regarding George Amick and his life, please feel free to leave your comments!!

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